Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tractor Up & Running!

We mentioned in a previous post that Kevin and Cameron were working on our old Ford 651 (1959) tractor.  Today they finished rebuilding the carburetor and completed the tune up to get the tractor up and running again so we can get some clearing and grading done on the property.

The project included replacing the exhaust system including a new muffler and piping; a tune up that included points, plugs, and new distributor cap; and rebuilding the old carburetor.  The carburetor took the longest as some parts needed to be ordered to complete the project.

As the work was being done Cameron also learned how to make new sparkplug wires as one of the connections into the distributor was broken.

Here are some of the pictures from today and a short video clip - sorry the tractor is now running quieter than it ever has and is even quieter than the wind that started picking up while we were outside.

Carburetor rebuild.
Testing carb float valve.

Work on distributor.
Completing new points & condenser install.

New exhaust system, muffler, rebuilt carb and hoses!

Testing the system - she runs great!

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