Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun Outside & Chicken Coop

We had a busy day with Lynda organizing all the photo albums (new & old), Kevin & Cameron working on finishing the chicken coop behind the barn, and getting the girls (Hannah & Lauren) outside to get some exercise.

It was really windy and cool today, a good day for working outside but not so good for playing some of the games the girls had as the ball and shuttlecock kept getting blown either longer or shorter than expected.  The girls had fun anyway and just enjoyed running and playing together outside.

Here are Kevin and Cameron working on the chicken coop, it may not be the prettiest thing but with the exception of a fee new studs all the materials used were left over items from other building projects on the property over the years.

Cam going "gangsta" with the drill!


  1. What kind of chickens? I hear bantams are great bug/tick eaters!

  2. The type depends on what is available. We want good egg layers that can handle the extreme temps we get (very hot summer and freezing nights in winter) and can be handled by the girls. We have a list from a Mother Earth News article and are trying to get "Barred Rocks" or "Americauna". We will let them in the pool area since it has a separate fence and we can let them run around during the day to eat bugs!