Monday, May 9, 2011

Lauren Moves into Her Room.

Saturday night Lauren spent her first night in her own room.  Since we returned from China, Lauren has been using a small bed in our room so that we could be sure we were near if she needed anything and to ensure an easier transition into her new environment (feeling safe & secure).  We also needed to find out what her sleep habits would be like, since we found out how active she is with rolling around the bed we needed to rethink the position of her bed to keep her in it at night.  Lauren is also an explorer and a climber so we needed to get things set up in her room so that "if" she climbed the shelves or tried to access things out of reach in her room they would not come crashing down on her.

Glad to say, Lauren has now successfully spent 2 nights in her own room and we have now been able to take the extra bed out of the master bedroom and gain some space and privacy!

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