Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Christos Anesti! We were reminded of the Greek Easter greeting today when Kevin received a nice text from one of our California family members (Glen).

Today, Lauren experienced her first easter basket, putting on a new easter dress, and going to a Easter Church service.  We do not give a bunch of candy, (as a matter of fact the eggs they found yesterday were all empty) so in their baskets this morning were just a few eggs filled with jelly beans or robins eggs (malted milk balls), and a few little toys.  The girls got some little dolls, puzzles, music for Lauren, a video for Hannah. Cameron got the milk chocolate bunny (as you can see in the photo below) and a new basketball.

This morning Kevin played drums for a local church that did not have a drummer for their Easter Services. Cameron's piano teacher is the worship leader at the church and was asking Cameron and Lynda two weeks ago if they knew any drummers and they told him about Kevin.  So Lauren also got to see her dad play drums with a worship team for the first time!  Another day of some great first experiences!

CHRISTOS ANESTI -  ALITHOS ANESTI!  Christ is Risen - He is Risen Indeed! 

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