Friday, April 15, 2011

Update for the Week - April 15th.

Well, since it was only $5 for 20 G of memory we decided we will keep this blog going.

We continue to be busy with project on the property, Cameron's Aqua/Hydroponics project is progressing, we will be starting our chicken coop this weekend, and weeding!

The girls (Hannah & Lauren) are continuing to learn how to live together, Lauren still has to get used to not grunting at her sister when she is mad at her and she still has to work on some sharing skills. Communication continues to get better as Lauren seems to pickup more words and skills everyday.

Cam and Hannah having tea in the Sunroom.
(Lauren was napping)

Kevin and Cameron will be working on the tractor as soon as some parts get in. Kevin will be teaching Cam how to rebuild a carburetor, doing points/plugs (tuneup), oil change, and replacing some old and rusting exhaust pipe. As soon as the tractor tuneup and repair is completed the side and rear yards are waiting as the weeds there have grown too large to do by hand tools.

Hydroponic Project

Side Yard Weeds.
Back yard weeds.

Ford 651 Tractor. (1959)


  1. Glad you are keeping the blog going!! And oh, the grunting, Anna does it well!! She has her two year check up next week so we will most likely get referred for speech therapy. Tanner did excellent with it and I am sure Anna will too!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  2. I have a better perspective on my weeding issues now...thank you! :) well as non-committal response to teens/young adults - conveys much more than words do at times! I'm sure Lauren will work through this with all the experienced guides she has in her family. So glad you're keeping the blog up and running.