Saturday, May 30, 2015

Visit and Fireplace Update

As I stated in my last post I've been remiss with my postings and we've had so much going on.  We thoroughly enjoyed the almost 10 day visit with my folks here.  They jumped in and helped with some of the projects we have, beginning with dad's helping Kevin figure out how to use the curved decorative piece we found for the bargain price of $15.00 at the Habitat Restore.  This had originally been priced at $120.00 at Lowes and was marked down to $87.00 before they had donated to Habitat for Humanity where we found our bargain.  We thought it would look great as part of the mantel, but with the smooth curve and finish Kevin wasn't sure how he would attach it without putting a screw through and having to patch the surface.  We were concerned too about possibly splitting this and ruining the piece.  Dad came up with the idea to use wood on the back side and a series of brackets that they could screw from behind into this front piece, then a second set attached slightly higher and secured to the wall would allow them to secure the top shelf piece of the mantel.  With this plan off to Lowes they went for the necessary parts and then to work on the fireplace.

Dad and Kevin measuring to cut face board piece

Making the cuts and proper angles to fit walls

Brackets for holding front piece and the top ones to attach mantel shelf piece to

Mantel progress with face piece and shelf top

Dad told us about using this product to fill gaps and then sand for a finished look with no gaps

Once they had all the parts up I covered the rock with paper and painted the whole thing the same color as the wall, then with a final trim piece and a bit more paint our mantel is done.  All we have left is a bit more grout to the rock work hearth and some trim around the rock edge and black face of the fireplace and the whole thing is finally done!!!  I'm loving the results.  Dad's help was invaluable and we're so thankful for the advice and assistance.

Paint time

Trim piece on

Ta Da our new mantel!!!

During their stay as I mentioned we had a huge mulch pile delivered and mom pitched in to help me start moving my mountain.  I'll be posting in another blog entry about the mulch pile and what we're doing with it in our yard.

Nothing like going for a visit and being put to work huh?  Thanks mom!!

We also enjoyed a visit to a wonderful German restaurant in Sanford called Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe.  It's not a fancy place, but the food is amazing.

Just enjoyed our giant pretzel appetizer and waiting for dinner. 

Stuffed from our meal and taking our dessert to go.

It was hard to say goodbye, but we're really glad for the opportunity to have had this visit and look forward to their soon return.

Taking a rest from mulch work

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