Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Surprise Family Addition

Calvin and Hobbes Cartoon

Had a crazy week as we had to take our Basset Hound Bea back to the vet because her glaucoma had flared back up and we were faced with the possibility of having to remove her eye if new meds didn't work.  We had her tested last week and had been treating her prior to her appointment this Tuesday that showed improvement so we will keep on tending to her to save the eye and keep her comfortable.

  In the midst of this we kept hearing a lot of tiny meows coming from the shrubs at the front of the property.  Sadly last Friday I saw a kitten that had been struck and killed in the road, then as I was watering I found an empty can of cat food near the road.  In time we would realize someone had dumped a litter of kittens.

We kept hearing the meows but couldn't find the kitten it was coming from.  Then Friday night a tiny little yellow and white striped kitten appeared peering through the sidelight window by our front door and meowing.  As soon as I opened the door it took off, and I spent a very long time trying to coax it out of the trees and shrubs, but didn't want to move closer and possibly scare it into running towards the street.  It came close a few times only to run off again and meow from the bushes.  In the meantime I was getting eaten up by mosquitoes on that hot humid evening, and I finally headed inside.

I kept hearing it around the house at various times through the night and some in the morning. Then later in the afternoon on Sunday Cameron called on my phone and told me to bring some tuna out the kitten was in a bush near his room.  So I found some wet dog food and brought it out.  After about a half hour of tossing little pieces to this very tiny, hungry little guy he finally got close enough for me to grab him. Immediately after catching him, both girls said "can we keep it?"

We brought him inside and continued to feed him, then once he was settled down we began cleaning him up and dealing with some fleas and a few scrapes he had.  We block him off in our bathroom for the day and he stays in Cameron's room at night in his bathroom as he settles in.   There is another little one who was meowing outside late Monday night and some on Tuesday, but has never come close enough for us to catch.  Sadly we haven't heard it again since Tuesday morning.

Drying off after his bath

Eating a LOT as this is one hungry kitten!!!

Purring and relaxing with Cameron

Cameron has long enjoyed a cartoon called Calvin and Hobbes that Kevin introduced him to as it's one of his favorites.  So Cameron decided we should call this spunky little character Hobbes.  Now that he's named it looks like we have a new addition.  While we weren't planning on another animal, he is sweet and he definitely needed a home.

So meet Hobbes

Our newest family member

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