Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Visiting With The Wesselman's

On Monday and Tuesday we were delighted to meet up with friends we met on our last trip to China for Lauren's adoption.  Chad and Becky Wesselman were there with their son Tanner to adopt Anna at that time.

Becky with Anna, 2011 China

Chad and Anna

Wesselman's and Cameron as we all toured in China
Wesselman's Red Couch Picture

We have stayed in touch over the years via Face book and our family blogs, so when they planned a family trip to Disney World it was a wonderful opportunity to visit with them.  We met initially at Epcot on Monday and while it was wonderful to see them the day was a miserable drizzly one that was cold and just dreary.  So after touring around as long as we could before the cold and walking got to us, we agreed to meet up again on Tuesday at the Magic Kingdom park.

Disney's Magic Kingdom Entrance Decorated for Christmas
Anna riding on Chad's shoulders - see how she's grown!

Carousel area Fantasy Land

Castle view by the carousel

Lauren with Hannah's hand behind her and Kevin

Hannah and Kevin

Wesselman family on the carousel


Hannah and Lynda on Dumbo ride

Becky, Chad and Anna in their Dumbo

Lauren and Hannah with Goofy

Becky, Anna and Tanner waiting for lunch

Lauren and Hannah at our table

Lunch time

Looking towards Main street from Castle.  They were filming so it was blocked off and crowded

Anna, Lauren and Tanner waiting for Small World ride

Small World ride, strange for us after being at Disneyland so much to see A Small World indoors

Tanner and Anna with Donald

This day the weather was SO much better and it made our time together that much better.  We walked and rode rides and got a chance to talk and just spend time together.  Amazing how quickly the kids are growing up, we shared adjustment stories and celebrated with them as they received more news on completed and approved paperwork in the adoption process of the little boy Oliver they are now in the process of adopting from China.  SOOOO, excited for them!!!!

Wesselman Family

We needed to make it a shorter day on Tuesday, and said our goodbyes before we headed home and left them to finish their time at Disney World.

Time to say goodbye, they had gifts to share with the girls as we parted
Main Street window decorated for Christmas

It was wonderful seeing their family and we look forward to the next time we meet up they will have their newest member with them.

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