Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cameron's Visitor

This last Sunday Cameron drove the two hours down to Lakeland, Florida to pick up his friend Jessica to come and spend some time with us.  With the long drive it seemed better to have her come up here and stay the night so she could have some time to visit.  In preparation we moved Lauren to Hannah's room, and set up a bed for Jessica in Lauren's room.

Cameron had left earlier in the morning so they were able to return just after noon.  We visited, watched Christmas movies, most of which Jessica has never seen!!  That's hard for our family to understand as we love so many that become a part of our annual celebrations.  We had a chance to just relax and get to visit.

Prep and Landing - Jessica's first time seeing this

Bea enjoying the extra company as they watched the shows

Then Sunday night we all climbed in the truck to take a drive and look at Christmas lights.  With the exception of a few inspiring displays, the light shows seemed in short supply this year.  That was disappointing, but we still had fun searching and seeing the few that really put on nice displays.

On Monday, Christmas came early as we exchanged gifts to Jessica from us and enjoyed opening the ones she brought.

Opening our presents

Drawing Jessica made for Cameron.  Boba Fett, his favorite Star Wars character.

We spent some time together before they needed to get back on the road to get her back home, so Cameron could make the drive back before it got too late.  Jessica took with her our gifts for her mom and they had a chance to share those before Cameron headed out.  It was short, but it was a nice visit especially for Cameron and Jessica.

So the Christmas countdown continues, with "one more sleep til Christmas Day".  (Line from Kermit the Frog aka Bob Cratchet in the Muppet's Christmas Carol).


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