Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Visit With Friends and Back to Disney

On the ferry to the Magic Kingdom

Long time friends of ours from California the Prior family were in Florida for the beginning of a month long trip they're taking along the East Coast of this country.  We were able to meet them Thursday afternoon at the Magic Kingdom after renewing our annual passes.  They have been in Florida this whole week, but with Kevin's travel to California and the need to unload the vehicles once he returned delayed our ability to meet with them earlier.

Main street Disney decorated for Fall


They had been touring around the park again on Thursday and we were able to meet with them on what's called Tom Sawyer Island at the Magic Kingdom Park.  It was a humid, hot day and since it was already lunch time we all headed out of this park and to Epcot to find a place to eat.

We took the little boats over to Tom Sawyer Island to meet up with the Priors

After crossing the rope bridge, we got to "the fort" and saw Glen and his daughters, Evangeline and Annaliese, then back tracked to meet up with his wife Koni who had been sitting in a shady spot while everyone toured the fort.

After lunch at Liberty Hall we walked and talked and watched entertainment, catching up on so much that has been happening since we last saw them 2 years ago. Cameron had the day off of school, his first break in 3 weeks, so it worked out well for him to join us.

The Prior Family, our girls with Annaliese 

Cameron, the girls as we walked around Epcot and our group as we took a shade break

The day flew by as we enjoyed each others company, so we decided to meet them again on Friday and have lunch before they got in their rental car to begin their long drive touring around the entire East Coast States.

Our picture near Epcot's exit taking shelter under the monorial track before saying good bye for this day.

We arrived in the Downtown Disney area first, so Kevin the girls and I took one of the boats to tour around the various hotels, time share facilities and restaurants along the waterway here.  The day was rainy, sunny and then VERY RAINY at times.  So we spent a bit of time huddling under the eaves of buildings, despite our umbrellas because the downpours were so heavy. We were able to call Disney's Dining Service to make reservations at the Raglan Road Restaurant and treat the Prior's to lunch so we could again enjoy some time with them before they needed to leave.

Kevin, Lauren and Hannah by water wheel at the dock at the end of the boat line where we toured a bit before boarding again to head back to Down town Disney to meet up with the Priors

On the boat ride back it began raining again, pouring actually.

With the Prior's at our table at the Raglan Road restaurant

It was really enjoyable being able to visit, and knowing they will be back in July as Glen prepares for a conference he's organizing is something we'll really look forward to, and be able to schedule more time with them on that visit!!

Now that we have our Disney passes again, we'll be making more trips there on our school breaks, and to just enjoy some family time there.

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