Wednesday, October 22, 2014

California Trip and Dad's 80th

Mom and Dad's

It was a whirlwind trip leaving Florida last Thursday for California and returning yesterday.  Had a good time helping mom prepare for my dad's 80th birthday and getting to visit with my family in California, then enjoy celebrating this milestone birthday.

Parents house from on top of their hill and the surrounding view

Mom and Dad on their computers
On Saturday my brother Roger, his wife Karla and son RJ arrived as did my sister Anna, her son Jared and daughter Clara and after spending time visiting at my parents and getting food and house ready for the party the next day, we all went to dinner at a local restaurant called Cho Cho Sans. It's a Japanese restaurant where the food is prepared with a lot of flavor and flair on the large grills at the center of the tables. It's fun and delicious, I left stuffed!!!

RJ and Jared top, Mom, Dad and I lower left, then Mom and Dad

Roger and Karla top, Jared and Anna lower left, and Clara

Our tables chef cooking up our meal with a lot of showmanship

RJ, my parents and sister Anna

Karla, Clara and I

Roger, Karla and Clara

The onion stacked "mountain" with oil being poured in

Initial flames

Volcano looking result - quite impressive

Sunday we attended my parents church where the congregation acknowledged my dad's birthday by singing "Happy Birthday" to him.  Then that evening they hosted around 30 people and family to a bounty of finger foods, good company, cake and even though they said "no presents" people still brought them.

It was a beautiful evening, so we were all able to enjoy ourselves on the patio

With a single large candle on his cake dad was the center of our focus as we sang to him and celebrated his 80 years of life. After his recent health challenges the fact he's still here and on his way back to health and vigor we had a lot to celebrate.

Singing "Happy Birthday" and Dad's cake

Dad's cards lined up on the piano
Opening presents

I was regularly in touch with Kevin and kids back home, that included Face time conversations.  Love technology!!  They held down the fort without me and had everything clean for me to return to.

Had a great time visiting in California, but it's always nice to get home.  Am dealing with a bit of jet lag today, so we're just taking it easy on what is Kevin and my 31st anniversary.  Tomorrow we'll do a Disney day and Cameron can meet us at one of the parks when he gets done with school.

Mom and I

Mom and Dad - love you both!

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