Friday, August 8, 2014

Violin Lesson

Hannah has been wanting to take violin lessons for quite a long time.  Our oldest daughter Amber tried my mothers violin on a visit years ago and when Baba passed her violins on to Amber she took lessons and played for several years.  Then as life got busier for Amber, she set the violin aside and later passed hers on to Hannah.  The one 1/4 size is too small for regular playing and the full size is still too large for Hannah, so when I recently found a music store that offers lessons and rentals we signed her up.

Yesterday was her first lesson with Mrs. Bennett and Hannah was SO excited!  After fitting her with a 3/4 student violin her first class began.  Her teacher had to work with her to get a comfortable and secure grip on the bow with her little hand, then began showing her the correct position for playing the notes.

Playing together to get the correct notes

Once Hannah was able to locate and play these, she began the process of teaching her the count she needed for the new music symbols Hannah has in her notebook.  Not bad for a first class, and now with her violin and note book she's working on mastering the new challenge of learning to play this instrument. As she gets these initial steps down, the work to learn fingering will begin.

So happy for her and thrilled to have found such a patient and talented teacher.

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