Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Let The Organizing Begin

When we moved from California we left a home that with our additions was almost 3000 sq. ft.  We had a barn/garage that was 24ft x 36ft. and was 2 stories.  There was also shed that was 12 x 24, so we had plenty of room for our stuff and storage.  Though we got rid of literally loads of things prior to our move, we still brought a lot with us, and with this house being just under 2000 sq. ft and Cameron's shed/room that's 12 x 20 we have far less space.  So as we've been getting ourselves settled over this last year, storage and organization is have been issues we're still working out.

We've made a lot of progress and had previously added a tool shed that's a 7 x 7 over near the tower garden area.  In an effort to further straighten out the garage we've purchased 2 more 7x7 ft shed's and a small one to organize the plant foods, tower pots, hydroponic nutrients, etc that was the first one to be put up and in place today.

Lowe's delivered the blocks we'll use as foundations and the 3 sheds first things this morning.

Then Kevin cleared the weeds behind Cameron's shed near the pipes.  He set the blocks in place and leveled them around the pipes, to be able to protect them and make use of this space.

Space behind Cameron's shed and Kevin weeding it.

Once, his foundation was ready he enlisted the girls to help him fit the pieces of the small shed together. Then to stand in and weight it down as he set the roof piece on.

Blocks in place and leveled around pipes and weed barrier cloth.
Hannah and Lauren helping dad

All done.

Once this was together, Kevin set it in place and put the doors on.  The shelves still need to be cut to size and added, but we have our new storage place and as the title of this post says, "let the organizing begin"!!

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