Monday, July 14, 2014

Morning Still Life Photos

Went out early this morning to capture some shots of the Super Moon that can be seen now, and after taking a few pictures of this I walked around the yard and took some other photos I thought turned out pretty well, so am going to share.

Tried taking a photo early morning  3am, but this didn't come out. So had to make do with daylight photos.

Trees at the end of the property

Love the clouds in the distance

Still some fog over the lake 

Despite the fact that cat tails need to be thinned down, I do love the color contrasts- probably needed to enhance this photo to really see this.

Lily pads on lake

Lizard who peaks in my front window showing off

Pagoda flower blooming in among the trees again this year.

Have a great day.


  1. Hi Lynda! I apologize if you have gotten this comment twice.Your pictures were beautiful! It was too cloudy over here to get a good view of the super moon so I'm glad I got to see your pictures. Of course, maybe if we'd gone out at 3 a.m..... ironic as I'm usually a night owl ;)
    If you don't mind the suggestion, you may want to do a little research before deciding whether or not to thin the cattails as they are supposed to be very good at purifying the water as well as some other benefits I no longer remember.
    I'm not sure if I'll be able to easily comment on your blog post about the wedding veil, so I'll comment here 'just in case' but the veil was beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed reading you account and seeing the pictures. Such a beautiful wedding, a beautiful bride, a beautiful dress and beautiful veil to go with it. I bet your girls enjoyed getting to be part of it. :)

  2. Thanks Jane, I appreciate the compliments. Your right normally the cattails are a purifier, but our lake has had an over growth of these as well as an invasive grass and it's over running the lake and it's health. We homeowners are now working with the county, State Fish and Wildlife and as a group to manage the proper balance for the health of Big Lake.