Sunday, July 27, 2014

Crafty Barbie Details

Hannah is like a crafting machine with her love of being  creative and always looking for a means of expressing this passion.  In addition to her store bought craft kits, she regularly borrows from our recycling materials to use for her latest craft project.  She goes online for ideas and how to videos and then tries them out for herself.  Her Barbie house has been redecorated with many of these creative pieces.  Hannah has been drawing Lauren into her activities and has an enthusiastic partner in this as well.  I was taking some laundry into Hannah's room when I noticed her redecorated and rather cluttered Barbie house, and as I looked at the detail in the vignettes she created, I thought I needed to show off her creations.

This is an ad for the basic "modern" Barbie house and the pieces it comes with.

This is Hannah's decorated house and the additions she's made with boxes she's grabbed from the recycling bin.

Though a bit more cluttered, the special details are intriguing. There is a box on the left I didn't get in this photo that serves as a bedroom addition I'll show in the following photo.

It's the tiny details that fascinate me.

The bedroom addition with bed, side table and clothes hanger

Mulan doll with her Hannah created reading materials
Love his tablet!
This is the side table with a report card next to the mirror, the pencil holder on the right with individual pencils and the Barbie shopping bag near the front.
Barbie teen room with an additional bed added and the dolls teen posters and skateboards with bead wheels
The box turned refrigerator on left with "Kids artwork and shopping lists" on door,  the counter table and cloth. The food and unique TV.  Love the details!!

This is her kitchen television, bowls (bottle lids) with food (beads and cut foam pieces), her cookbook and a card left of the green "fruit" basket.  Then there's the framed artwork for the wall.

Love this note over the sink by the window
Living room. with her shelf on the left, TV console and her iTouch acts as their TV.

Shelf closeup with magazine cutouts of old phono style radio, several video game boxes, framed picture on top of shelf and kids toys and artwork at the base of the shelf. 

Family TV night.  Books and game on top of console.  "Candles" made of beads and red dyed Q tips on right  side of console.  Then the "trash" container made from an old vitamin bottle.  Hannah will turn on her iTouch and let them "watch" the television.
Teen music room, the white "bongos" Hannah made on the floor
Dog by the stairs and Hannah's photo collage on wall behind stairs

Picture on wall, and the "phone machine" she created to cover the weird wall lamp pictured on the house.
Bathroom rugs added, wall art and storage trunks

Just had to share, as I found the attention to detail fascinating as well as her willingness to spend the time making all of this.

As an aside, we were able to "visit" with Amber and Eddie using Facetime on Saturday as they have now settled into their new apartment in Oregon.  Loved our time with them, though we really miss our visits and meals that we used to be able to share together when we all lived in California.  Love technology that allows us to see each other as we talked.

Have a great day!!


  1. This is so so creative than playing with just a doll house.

  2. Thanks Paps, I thought so too, and just had to post. Missed your comment on the blog earlier, sorry : (