Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cameron Starts College

Yesterday was Cameron's orientation and first day as a student at Full Sail University, where he is enrolled in their computer graphics and game arts program.  This bachelor of science program is an intensive one designed to be completed in 22 months, so students here have to hit the ground running.

Kevin and Cameron had a private tour of the campus a couple of weeks back and then I went with them on the campus tour that was a week ago Sunday, where the whole campus has tours for interested families in all aspects of the programs they offer.  It's really quite a production moving the numbers they do throughout the 212 acre campus, with it's 110 studios and production environments.  This school specializes in programs for the arts and entertainment industry and has sound, film, computer design and development and marketing programs all associated with the many aspects of this business.

Kevin and Cameron on our tour

Back lot stage shots that the film students use in their student productions

Cameron has loved computer graphics and game art for the longest time.  Kevin started him early with computer games, and with his artistic abilities he's worked on his own skills to develop and animate characters.  So this program allows him to follow what he's good at and passionate about.

I wasn't kidding when I said Kevin started him young : )
How fast time flies by!!!
The decision to move forward with his schooling here seemed clear by the end of our tour.  We had already done a lot of research into the school and it's one Cameron has been interested in since we lived in California, so we began the paperwork process after talking to his school counselor and with Kevin's ability to get everything organized quickly, we were able to complete all we needed to get done to allow him to begin the next session, that officially kicks off on July 7th, but has this week set for the orientation time.

The Mac book each student gets loaded with the software necessary for their schooling known as their "Launch box".

After praying with Cameron, we walked him to his car and waved good bye as our "little boy" now heads off into a new phase of his life.

Kevin praying blessing and protection on Cameron 

Cameron nervous and excited about what's ahead for him.

Proud dad, but struggling with letting go.

This is a change for everyone, and while we're really thrilled for Cameron and his new opportunities, it's hard knowing he's not going to be around on a regular basis with the family.  Aw, the joys and challenges as your kids grow up!!  By the way, Cameron LOVED his first day and is really excited about this program and the group of students who will move through the set of courses with him.  Off to a good start.

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