Wednesday, August 7, 2013

T Rex Restaurant

Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet the Bartlinski family again before they head home.  We wanted to be able to spend some more time getting to know each other as our time together the other day had gone way too fast.  Our decision was to meet at Downtown Disney and included trying the T Rex Restaurant - a first for both families. 

We arrived a bit early and I took some exterior photos.  Didn't realize until I downloaded the pictures at home that it was SO bright the girls almost fade into the rockscape background of the waterfall!

The Bartlinski's arrived at our 11 am meeting time and we waited taking in some of the restaurant's décor. Much like the Rainforest Café it has the colorful interior with the animated creatures that seem to come to life every 15 minutes when there is a "meteor shower".  It was a fun place for the kids to
be able to watch the animated animals as we waited for our meal.  With a busy restaurant and our party of 12 it took a bit to get our food, but for the adults it was an opportunity to talk longer, even if that conversation meant leaning in and speaking loudly over the restaurants loud environment.

The food was good and the portions generous, so with our stomachs full we headed out to walk Downtown Disney and into the nice air conditioned stores and out of the heat and humidity.  All too soon it was time to say our good byes.  Love our time with this wonderful family!!

We walked a bit more before heading home ourselves. 

Girls by Aurora statue

Ann's collecting tiara decorations in honor of Teresa and I spotted this in a shop after we parted.

Have a great day - Lynda

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