Thursday, August 15, 2013

Armoire Finished

A little over a week ago I found an armoire at a garage sale.  It was in decent shape, but the dark wood finish doesn't work with my current trend of white and the wood had damage from regular use over time.  So after an initial cleaning with TSP to get the film of cleaners that had built up off and the smell of incense the former owners liked to burn out of the wood, it was ready to paint.

Forgot to take a before picture with the doors and drawers still attached, but you get the idea of it's dark wood and basic appearance from this.  The interior has shelving on the left and the hangar space on the right.

Dark wood color and some of the finishes damage I had mentioned.

I used a couple coats of primer first and then once that was dry several coats of Country White Satin finish paint.  Once all this was done I really thought it needed a little something more to finish the look I had in mind.  I remembered we had decorative mirrors that have moved with us since our first apartment in Connecticut. (We're talking 29 years ago!!)  They were still wrapped and marked from our various moves.  Think we still had them since they didn't take that much room and I always felt I'd use them again at some point.   Glad I'd saved them though because with the addition of a couple of decorative covers for the holes the screws go through to attach them they were the perfect finishing touch for our new armoire.

Here it is and, the extra storage it provides is really welcome

We're getting to a point where I have almost all the pieces needed for bedrooms.  I'm still looking for a more decorative bookshelf for Hannah's room and one more chest of drawers, a smaller one for our bedroom.

I've picked up another cabinet I need to paint to use for the microwave and storage in the kitchen.  I found this last Friday at a garage sale.  This will be my next project now that this armoire is done. I'll do a post on that once I've finished.  Then I have another armoire currently in our room, that we moved from our California home.  I'll be painting it to match the white pieces we currently are using in this room.  I think I'm trending for the white since it's neutral and right now with the old carpet still in place the white furniture and walls just make the place seem cleaner and more open.  Once we get ready to change the flooring I'll find a paint color for the walls I want and then we'll take up the carpet and lay new flooring. 
Will be picking up Kevin's mom early tomorrow morning to head out to a few more Estate sales in search of more treasures!!  Have to admit a part of me will be disappointed once we've found everything we need. It's been fun going to these various sales and trying to find real bargains. How about you do you enjoy "treasure hunting" at garage sales or giving new life to old pieces?


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