Sunday, August 25, 2013

Liquid Sunshine

This could also be titled Liquid Gold, as it's the key to the abundance of greenery and lush growth in our new home State.  We are currently in the wet season and are learning to plan our days in this climate.  A typical day can start with beautiful sunrises that remind me of the saying for boaters,

"Red skies at night, sailors delight.
 Red skies in the morning sailors take warning".

I'd heard that for years, but have a new appreciation as I've seen so many mornings start with skies like this:

Then as the day begins the skies will go from sunny and suddenly darken to this:

Followed quickly by the skies opening and pouring rain such as we've had these last few weeks. With 2 to 5 inches of rain dropping within a short period of time.

Photos from various windows around the house as we got over 5 inches of rain from this downpour!!

Then almost as quickly it moves through leaving the sun shining, air clear and the ground soaking up the moisture that creates the lush environment we're learning to love as well as having to control so our landscape doesn't become a jungle. 

Rain ends and the sun begins to peak out again

Kevin and Cameron have been getting lots of experience with taming the jungle that is part of our yard.  As we move in and clear I love some of the plant and critters we come across hidden under all that green growth.  It's also amazing that the area that is brown from it's initial clearing, begins to green so quickly with all the rain and the way the grasses sprout up so fast.  I've been making regular rounds of the yard and practicing my photography with my new camera of the absolutely fascinating life big and small that can be found around this property.  Will absolutely be sharing these in future posts.
Cameron getting his work out in the yard and Kevin deep in the overgrowth.

Kevin getting a good amount of practice with his new machete

That's all for now.  Have a great day and will share more later.  God Bless - Lynda


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