Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Well 2012 has started off with the typical Southern California heat wave, yesterday we had a daytime high of 84-degrees and a night time low of 35-degees.  Great weather to spend some time outside getting projects done and letting the kids have some fun.  Today we traveled up to Lynda's parents house for the day and enjoyed our time together and then dinner with Lynda's sister Anna and our niece Clara and nephew Jared.

Kevin & Cameron putting together the shop press, which we will use in the process of pressing olives for olive oil.  We have 6 mature olive trees on the property which are decedents of the olive trees that were planted in the area in the 1800's to supply oil and olives to the Southern California missions.

Cameron chasing the girls with his radio controlled Humvee - the girls love riding around in Hannah's jeep.

Hannah entertaining herself on the 2-hour ride to visit Baba and Grandpa - Lynda's parents.  Kevin, Hannah, and Hank (Grandpa).

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