Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Ways of Thinking?

The days have been bright and sunny lately and we've been taking full advantage as we continue our cleaning up and clearing out. It will take awhile. It's amazing how much you can accumulate in 10 years of living in a location

Kevin and I have done a lot of talking and planning these last few weeks and determined in addition to the physical cleaning up and clearing out around home and property it was time to do the same personally with attitudes, ideas and emotions. Plus to physically get our bodies in line with the changes we  are seeking to make mentally. To jumpstart this we've been doing quite a bit of reading to inspire these changes.  

Kevin's currently reading The Fasting Edge by Jentezen Franklin and I (Lynda) just finished The Power of Spoken Blessings by Bill Gothard and am now starting Fear Fighters by Jentezen Franklin. The idea is to give ourselves a fresh start this year too, the same as we're trying to make our home and property more efficient and productive, we realized we'd fallen into routines, habits and attitudes that aren't always serving the best good for ourselves or others, or where we feel we're are to move in the future.

2010 was such a busy year of change with all the plans and busy work for accomplishing Lauren's adoption and preparing our home for her arrival. Plus the activity to prepare for Amber and Eddies
wedding, then the regular activities of homeschooling finishing up for Cameron to graduate and Hannah to complete 1st grade and start 2cd. All kept us very busy and now that we have the luxury of taking time to really be able to reorganize, we're seeking what the next steps for our family should be.

It's actually an exciting time for really seeking the direction the Lord would have us move in future days and make the most of our current life and activities. Blog entries over the next few months will reflect the direction we get in the next few weeks.  So how about you are you being led in new directions or have you been given a sense it's time to change?  We stated in another post we're not big on making resolutions, but there are definately times to review, reflect and maybe make course corrections and this seems to be one of those seasons for our family.

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