Friday, January 20, 2012

Projects and Israel

Our projects around the house and property continue.  Lynda is busy re-painting the kitchen cabinets and installing new hardware. Kevin and Cameron installed an old concrete lamp post that we purchased a few years back. We installed two in the front of the property which are high pressure sodium lights but needed to rebuild the last two lights making them regular 120v systems to run fluorescent lights. Today they cemented in one on the driveway back to the barn.  The other one will go back in the pool area behind the barn. Kevin & Cameron also got to use the cement mixer we have for the first time.

Amber and Eddie safely made it to Israel the other day and sent a few pictures.  We have also been seeing posts from some of the other members of their church tour group. They seem to be having a great time visiting sites that until now they have only read about.

You can see the backs of
Amber (red hoodie) & Eddie (w/backpack) here.

And just two cute pictures taken today of Cameron and Hannah - of course Bea got jealous and had to join them! : )

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