Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Season Arrives

This past week we finally started to experience some fall weather with rain and cooler temperatures (the local mountains even received a little snow). Some of our flowers are still blooming and a few trees are still producing fruits and we have persimmons that will be ready soon.

Today we took a trip to the Bass Pro Shop to let Kevin and Cameron get some things that they need for their upcoming hunting trip and use the gift cards they received when they completed their hunter safety course.  The girls loved the large catfish in the tank there, Hannah was fascinated with all the "dead stuffed animals" and Lauren referred to all of them as horses.  Following our visit there we zipped down the road to Lucille's BBQ for lunch (and to use an old gift card Kevin still had in his wallet).

As the weather continues to cool down it means time to get projects done around the property and prepare for Christmas!

Oh and one of Cameron's new projects: sanding and refinishing the bench that we got for free!

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