Friday, December 17, 2010

Tickets to China & Family Christmas Photo

We have our itinerary for International Flights:  We will be leaving Dec 28th, after about 15-hours of flying arrive in Guangzhou Dec 30 in the morning (4-hour layover) then a 3-hour flight to Beijing.  We will receive the internal (domestic) China flight information and hotel information from our agency next week as their Beijing staff is formalizing those arrangements.  We will return home on the 14th of Jan. after about a 12-hour flight, last time we had a great tail wind and did it in about 10 1/2-hours (it is strange we totally skip Dec 29th when we travel to China and coming home we arrive in LA several hours earlier on the 14th then when we left China).  We will be flying internationally in Premium Economy (what us older folks used to call Business Class), it is the only way I will do 15-hours in the air!  (Kevin)

Today we took our annual Christmas family photo in front of the tree, we are one short this year as Amber moved out on her own last January and is getting married in March. Next year however, we will have 5-again as Lauren will be home with us!

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