Monday, December 27, 2010

Changes in the House & Changes in Technology

The house sure looks different with all the decorations down, it seems so empty and bare. We did not think we would be able to get it done before leaving, but we did it all in one day!  Just a few stops to pick up some last minute items today, and then one more sleep until we leave for China!

As for technology, we were thinking about our first adoption 17-years ago with Cameron when we would have to drive 45 minutes from our old house in the mountains down to town to use the fax & copiers at Kinkos. We had an old Apple IIGS computer with no internet and only one cell phone for emergencies only (as it cost $1/minute to make calls.) Then 15-years ago we went to Russia to bring Amber home, no cell phones or internet in Russia, as a matter of fact to call home we had to call an international operator and wait for them to call us back when they had a line available for our call. (in the middle of the night)

During our last trip to China 5-years ago to bring Hannah home we had to get a Panda Phone (a cell phone for in China) as our cell phones would not work there.  We did have internet, but blogging was not yet widespread and there was no Facebook, so we used a service to post a travel log and photos.

For our trip this time we will take multiple laptops with us with VPN's installed and Skype to video chat with family (also make calls & text). We will also have Lynda's cell phone, our iTouch ipods for music and video entertainment, and Hannah's Leapster (and one for Lauren).

It seems looking back we are finally moving into the George Jetson future, the world has become so small as people from all over the world are checking in, following our journey, and praying for our safe travels.

Thank you all!

And one of Hannah from yesterday - just because she is so cute!!!

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