Monday, December 20, 2010

Itinerary Received & Battening Down the Hatches

Well, as Southern California is experiencing a string of heavy storms we have been busy with the extra chores of "battening down the hatches"!  We have about a 600-foot section of dirt road that leads to our driveway (luckily the driveway is asphalt since it is going uphill).  The runoff is taking a toll on some sections of the road with some really nice ponds forming in the low lying areas!  : )  We are also still trying to figure out how some water is oozing into our back room addition (we had professionals install the roof and that is the only thing that has ever given us problems). This afternoon Kevin & Cameron will be shooting in some foam and putting up some new flashing material.

On the bright side we have our itinerary our Gotcha Day for Lauren will be Tuesday, January 4th!!!

Remember the photo of the great sunset the other day - same view today!

  Pond forming in the road to our house.

Almost Full Pool - well at least it saves us from running the well pump!

Rain Collection Barrel - already emptied twice!


  1. Thanks for sharing:) I'm excited to read about your trip and see pictures of you holding your Lauren!
    My best friend is about 6 months away from heading to pick up her baby girl from China and I can't stop reading people's stories! They all melt my heart and leak through my eyes!!
    One week!! One week!

  2. Thanks Lindsey,
    We are very excited and can't wait. How fortunate for your friend to have someone who cares so supporting her in her journey to her little girl.