Monday, February 16, 2015

Kevin's Birthday And A Disney Day

Sunday was Kevin's birthday and since he is a big Disney fan we decided to go there to celebrate.  Being President's weekend it can be VERY busy and crowded.  So Kevin loaded our passes online with 3 fast passes for an early morning start and chance to get out ahead of the Sunday crowd.

Thankfully this paid off really well!!  It was a gorgeous day with just a bit of chill in the air when we arrived at 9 am.  Our first pass was for Test Track.  You enter and as you wait for the ride you create your own car design.  This design is linked to the Disney pass or bracelet of a member of your party.  We had two one on Lauren's and one on Hannah's.  Cameron and Lauren created their design and Kevin and Hannah created the other.  You load your design options with style, eco friendly options, speed, color and additional extras.  Cameron and Lauren's was a blue sports car model that came out on top as we went through the ride for fuel efficiency and performance.

Kevin and Hannah's was a sparkly, purple, super loaded and super charged monstrosity, uh racer (smile).  It lost in all the efficiency categories but came out on top for speed as we entered our test track ride.

Test Track cars loading for ride
Flying along outside test track - too fast for me to take a picture so I borrowed an online image.

After this ride we saw that the line for the milder version of this ride called the "green" side on Mission Space, was only a 10 minute wait so we scooted over there and enjoyed the ride.

Kevin walking with the girls towards Mission Space

Our next fastpass was for Spaceship Earth inside the Epcot Ball.  As you ride through space and time at the end you create your future space home or vacation.  Kevin and Lauren plugged in the details and with the head shot photos taken of you at the beginning of the ride you are inserted into your mini movie adventure of you in your futuristic story.  They chose "Leisure" and what they liked and the computer did the rest.  Of course having been on this before and knowing when the photo is snapped Kevin had to ham it up a bit.

Cam as we head to Space Ship Earth ride

Family pics appearing on the globe

Kevin and Lauren in their "space adventure" from our ride

After this we went to the Nemo ride for our last fastpass.  Inside our clam shells we went through the Finding Nemo adventure, before coming out to take a quick stroll through the aquarium area attached to this ride.

At this point we started our walk around the world.  Our first stop was Canada, where Hannah and Lauren were fascinated by the old phone booth and the fact there was a working pay phone inside.

We then scooted quickly past England and on to France, where we stopped at The Boulangerie for a snack to tide us over until we headed out of the park to our lunch/dinner destination.

The Boulangerie is the back building

Some of the delicious items to choose from

Hmmmm, Croissant!!

Once fortified with our croissant we then toured the rest of the countries stopping to walk through some of the shops or exhibits, then decided to head out of the park around 12.  Perfect timing too as the lines to enter the park were long and the crowd was already beginning to grow.

We stopped at Don Pablos for our meal, and enjoyed ourselves, but spared Kevin having to wear the giant sombrero while the waiters and waitresses chant their birthday song.  We witnessed several others receiving this and honored his request to not acknowledge his birthday in this way (big smile).

Once home we relaxed awhile, then got the chance to Face time with Amber and Eddie.  For supper we had some pizza, and then cheesecake for Kevin's birthday.  He had to blow out a match stuck in his piece, because for some reason my candles are lost and I need to find or buy more for the next birthday.  I have a whole box of them, so it's a real mystery as to where they managed to disappear to.

Kevin with his cheesecake and improvised "candle"

After cake it was present time and then relaxing watching an episode of Downton Abbey that we now have on DVD.  All in all Kevin said it was a great birthday!!

Next post will be back to more updates on the fireplace progress.


  1. Happy belated birthday to Kevin.

    1. Thanks Paps, Glad to see your blog up again! Wow how your children have grown, you have a right to be proud of all their achievements!