Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fireplace Update 2

Our last post on the fireplace progress had the fireplace in and our first fires going.  Now it was time to add the drywall backer boards behind the fireplace unit and to replace the damaged drywall on the ceiling area in this space where it had to be removed to add the new chimney pipes and since it had been damage in a previous leak there was a much larger area that needed to be fixed.

We used the heavier duty drywall X 10 that's designed as a fire resistant drywall.  It was heavy and Cameron and Kevin had their work cut out for them maneuvering the pieces into the tight space behind the firebox.

Nailing it to the wood posts

First piece in place

Trimming the board for the uneven area that this one needed to fit in

Moving this piece into it's tight fit proved a challenge, but they got it

Once they had these in and nailed into place, Kevin added bracing up top at the ceiling for the new pieces of drywall and the metal shield for the chimney pipe to attach to.  We had already made sure prior to this that everything was sealed so that there wasn't a chance for anymore leaks that had caused the damage the prior owners had experienced.

Finished with new ceiling pieces in place

Now that all the drywall was up and everything in place on the interior fireplace space, it was time to build the wood frame that the drywall to seal this off would be attached to.  Kevin added more than was needed to be sure that we would have wood to be able to nail into for any future pictures, decorative pieces, or whatever possible additions we might choose to make.  Easier to add it now than regret later we didn't have that sturdy foundation in place.

Kevin as he adds header for mantel to attach to and the various other support pieces for drywall facing to attach to.

With a VERY solid frame up it was now time to add the drywall to the face of the fireplace. Kevin and Cameron did this with the precision of masters at their craft, we were quite impressed.

Cameron helping to hold drywall in place as they attach the first piece

In progress

Done.  Now time to tape and texture.

Kevin was truly pleased with himself once this was complete.

Now it's time for the finishing touches and with that some challenges as to how we want to finish this area that will be discussed in my next post.

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