Monday, September 22, 2014

Home Again, Home Again...

After dropping Kevin and his mom off last Tuesday at the airport for their respective flights to different destinations (see last post),  Kevin had a short visit with my parents then spent the following 4 days logging miles on his drive back across country in the Penske rental truck and towing the Model A Ford.

Our week was spent doing our various routines, but definitely feeling the absence of Kevin/dad and even the dogs had their moments of being in funky moods as a result.  So when he pulled up out front yesterday, we all ran out to greet him.

After a bit of maneuvering Kevin backed the truck and trailer into our driveway in line with the garage for unloading.  The tarp covering the truck was in pretty bad shape after it's long haul, but still managed to hang in there. So the unveiling process began, and then ta da - there was the Model A.

Here it is a 1930 Model A Ford pick up ( I said it was a '32 in my last post - oops)

It looked so small compared to what I'd remembered growing up when I used to sit in it in my parents garage and pretend to drive.  Then when I was actually old enough to drive taking it out on the empty lot first and then the streets learning to find the non synchronized gears as I drove this classic in my old neighborhood.

Look at how tiny this engine is compared to the ones in our trucks today!!

It's sat for a long time in my parents garage, and now we're planning to give it a new lease on life.  In the back of the rental truck are pieces of a 1928 Coupe, that will take A LOT more work to be up and running, but with time and effort we can make that happen.

Once inside, the dogs got to greet Kevin and as we settled back into our routines, all was back to normal in our world. He gave his mom a call to let her know he'd arrived safely and to get the flight information for picking her up today.

Bea and Bear greeting Kevin

 Now it's time for the unloading to begin and finding places for all of the goods Kevin's returned with.
You can see in this photo, Beas thrilled her world is back in it's proper order.


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