Friday, September 12, 2014

Dad/Grandpa's Home

After 9 days in the hospital being poked, prodded and checked inside and out, my dad was able to go home after the blood clots in his legs and lungs were treated.  They found too that his oxygen levels were too low, so for now they want him to remain on oxygen to ensure he gets what his body needs to aid healing and his overall state of health.

Dad enjoying a snack on their patio, Thanks to my sister for the photo update : )

I am very grateful to everyone for your prayers, and to God that he allowed this to be found and dealt with before things may have taken a turn for the worse.  Dad's doctors are baffled as to why he didn't show more symptoms, considering the degree of clotting he had, but dad's always been strong and a tad bit stubborn about acknowledging he can't push through not feeling so great (smile).  Just glad to see him home again and able to enjoy having the freedom to get up and move around.  Something we all take for granted, until you find yourself stuck in a hospital room with limited mobility and others dictating your moves.  They took great care of him and were very diligent to deal with what needed to be done to get him back on his feet again, so I'm thankful for everyone who was attending to him.

Kevin is due to travel out to California soon, and the plan was he'd fly out, rent a truck and trailer as he'll be bringing some things and towing a 1932 Model A Ford pick up truck back.  Dad was originally to have traveled back with him and my mom was going to fly out so when they arrived we could all spend some time visiting and have an earlier celebration of his 80th birthday.  Travel is now out of the question at this time for him, but Kevin already had flight arrangements and the truck set up, so  is still going to follow through with flying back and will be driving cross country on his own.  I'll plan a separate visit by myself, to be there for a birthday celebration of this 80 year milestone.

That's it for now - giving thanks for so much!!

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