Sunday, June 8, 2014

DIY Wedding Pomander

As our friend Katie Beth's wedding date approaches my preparations for helping in their reception decor continue.  One of those projects is a wedding floral pomander ball.  Or in this case 4 of these are needed for our purposes to hang from the top of the interior of the canopies.
Her wedding colors are white and purple, so I used the remaining purple silk flowers she sent in the supply of tulle, lights, ivy and flowers to get creative with.

I bought two packs of 4" Styrofoam balls from Walmart and purple wire ribbon.

I made a bow with the wired ribbon, then took an 8 inch piece of satin ribbon and after hot gluing it to the top of the ball I added pins to secure it to the top.  I then began pushing section of the leaves and flowers into the ball, placing them just far enough apart to cover, but not crowd the flowers.

Ribbon hot glued and pinned down, then hot glue added to attach bow

I used a pair of wire cutters to cut the flowers off with about an inch to two inches of stem on them for pushing into the Styrofoam ball. To be sure the white ball doesn't show through, I used the hot glue gun to hold down the silk leaves and act as a base.

The extra leaves were hot glued to the base, while cut flowers were pushed into Styrofoam

I enhanced the flowers using Offray My Moments petite gems and secured them with clear drying Aleene's fabric glue. I wanted a little sparkle to catch the lights we'll have on the dance canopy.  Putting the gems on was a bit tricky, so after putting a small dab of glue on a petal, I used my jewelry tweezers to set the gem on top. This took some patience, I have to admit.

Once I had the Styrofoam ball completely covered with the flowers, I did a bit of rearranging for better coverage and balance and then TA DA, a wedding flower pomander!!


  1. What a lovely DIY flower bouquet. I guess you need to have the patience to do something like this.

  2. Thanks Paps, I suppose you do need patience, but I love this sort of things so it's fun for me not a chore. I've been working on pieces for myself I'll be adding to the blog that have a lot of bead and finish work. I find this relaxing. I guess we each have an area of activity that doesn't seem like work, but is refreshing in it's way. Glad you stopped by : )