Saturday, June 14, 2014

Amazing Garden Bean Crop

I had featured in past posts the above picture that I had incorrectly labeled as "pea flowers".  Instead it's for yard long beans, also known as snake beans.  I guess it pays to mind my own garden markers to know what I'm taking photos of (smile).

The garden on the side, those are the beans in the middle of the first planting bed.

Beans on the vines.
Here are the amazing beans that are produced after the pretty flowers fade.  They definitely earn their names.  We've been harvesting daily these beans and after I clean them I cut them to bite size and add them to the bags of beans in the freezer. 

The girls with the beans gives perspective on how big they are

These are growing SO WELL they are definitely keepers in my future Florida garden plans.

Happy Gardening.


  1. Wow those are looong beans alright. Tell the truth I have not see ones so long.

  2. They really are : ) Truth be told, until we grew them I hadn't seen any this long!!

  3. I just planted one of those in my Tower Garden. Think one plant will be enough?