Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dress-up, Bread making, and swimming.

Lauren is continuing her adjustments to family life, communication is coming along (slowly), and she is learning more and more how to play nice with her sister and friends. Hannah actually got her to play dress up with her princess outfits the other day.

Lynda practiced the other day with her new grinder to take some wheat and make flour for bread making.  Right now she has to use the bread machine until we get the brick oven built in the back for bread and pizza making.

Here is the process from wheat to bread:

Finally, as school is starting this week (except for our children who get to keep doing review work over the summer) for most children in Southern California, the Scorza's came over to visit and swim.

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  1. A brick bread and pizza oven! I'll try not to envy!