Sunday, November 21, 2010

Waiting - Slight Delay

Well we are at the part of this process where there is nothing more for us to do but wait - all of our paperwork is done and until we get Travel Approval (TA) from China we can not make any plans and do not have any idea of our actual travel dates.

Our Coordinator/Social Worker with FTIA sent us an e-mail last week that our DS-230 that went to the US Consulate in Guangzhou did not get there on 12th as originally planned due to delays in mail most likely caused by the start of the Asian Games in Guangzhou.  Our paperwork was submitted on Monday the 15th, which means it will be picked up on the 29th and forwarded to Beijing to start the process of getting the "TA".  We are hoping and praying for a really fast TA and then favor in getting a Consulate Appointment date and travel arrangements in a timely fashion so we can get Lauren home as soon as possible.

During the wait Hannah has taken up looking at our blog and the blogs of other families that are in China or have recently returned.  Hannah is so excited - I think more excited about getting her sister home than she is about Christmas!

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