Monday, November 22, 2010


Some people have asked if we are concerned about traveling with the children and what about school?  Well, our children have been raised as "world travelers" and enjoy traveling, they are well behaved, and we enjoy taking them with us.  As for school, we started homeschooling for Amber when she came home from Russia as she only spoke Russian and had never been to school, our local school system had no resources to assist her in learning and getting her caught up to an age appropriate level.  Cameron and Hannah have only known homeschooling and Cameron now graduates from High School this year.

For those of you who ask "What about socializing with their peers?"  They get plenty of that with all the outside activities they do and besides how many children get to travel to Hawaii, China, Mexico, Florida, the East Coast - etc in the middle of a school year.  Of course our children would complain that vacation is not always fun and games as they still in some cases either have to be ahead on their school work or continue school work while we travel.  Travel also means they get an extra assignment based on either a historical site we visit or the county we are in.

Here are Hannah & Cameron working on their studies today:

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