Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet the Family!

Yesterday we had the opportunity for the Carr and Gonzales families to meet for the first time. Following church we went to the Spaghetti Factory for lunch then down the road to our favorite place (which happens to be a place both families love to visit)  DISNEYLAND!!!!

Hannah enjoyed meeting Eddie's sister Erika and finding out that she now would have 2 big sisters. In the photos you will see a great shot of the three of them walking hand-and-hand together; it was so great to see!

We also enjoyed meeting Eddie's parents (Eddie Sr. and Liz) and hope to spend some more time in the future getting to know them and maybe walking around Disney with them real soon.

Here is to being blessed by our future son-in-law and his family!
Gonzales Family

Hannah and her sisters!

Kevin, Hannah, & Eddie Sr.

Here is what were seeing.

Here is the picture they took. 


  1. Showers of blessings! Great pics! When's the wedding?

  2. As I looked again at these pictures, I'm reminded how awesome our Lord is...look at the smile on Amber's face...she would never have showed this smile nor known such joy had God not placed her with you guys! And He's the only one who truly knows all that she was saved from. What a great God we have!

  3. PS: Can say the same for Hannah & Cameron, too! God certainly had plans for you and Kevin!

  4. Thanks Guerrina, It is truly amazing that God put together our family from the four corners of the world! We have been blessed so much as a family.