Monday, October 25, 2010

I-800 Approval Received!!!!

Just went down to the mailbox and found our I-797 the letter from USCIS indicating that our I-800 application to adopt Lauren has been approved!

Next step is getting a letter from the National Visa Center that indicates they cabled the Consulate in Guangzhou with notice of our approval.  We then send off our DS-230 application for Lauren's US Visa to the Consulate and get a notice from them called an Article 5 - the Article 5 is then sent to Beijing to then get our Travel Approval!!!!  We are getting closer, keep praying for favor so that we can be traveling before the end of the year!  Cameron is believing we will be in China the same timeline as we were with Hannah when we got home 2-days before Christmas.


  1. Hi- We are I800 Oct. 14 and praying also to travel before Christmas. Our blog is
    What province is Lauren in?

  2. Lauren is in Shanghai, will check out your blog.
    How fun for you too to be so much closer!!!