Monday, July 19, 2010

Pre-Approval & Fingerprint Appointment


We received our Pre-Approval from China today dated 7/19/2010 stating they accepted our treatment plan for Lauren Mei and basic family information that we provided.  We have until Oct 19th to have our Dossier submitted, we have everything for the dossier already completed with the exception of getting the documents that were notarized here in California certified by the CA Sec of State and then Authenticated at the Los Angeles Chinese Consulate. Kevin's Birth certificate needed to go the PA Sec of State and the New York Chinese Consulate and Lynda's Birth certificate went through the Washington, DC Chinese Embassy. Lynda's birth cert being a US Department of State document did not need the extra certification step that the other documents all needed. (saved us $20). : )

We also received our fingerprint appointment for the USCIS (for immigration preliminary approval), we have to wait until August 11th and go to the Riverside, California office. Once the fingerprints are done we should get our approval and if all goes well have our dossier sent to China by September!

Please continue to keep us in prayers and pray for favor with the two governments to move things along quickly and most importantly pray for Lauren Mei to be getting healthy and strong as she waits for us to bring her home.

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