Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paper Chase Goes On.

Received notice that Immigration (USCIS) received our paperwork and will be sending our FBI fingerprint appointment (yes another set of FBI prints - agencies are not allowed to share information from other print request).

This week we got information that Lauren had been back in the hospital in February/March timeframe with a kidney infection.  I (Kevin) did my typical thing of checking all the blood work information and medical info we had to make sure I did not miss something and in waiting for the updated medical reports started to worry.  Cameron called me at work and told me that his grandmom (my mother) sent a card with the origins of the name Carr - the name is Gaelic and comes from carra - meaning spear.  He told me a spear is a weapon for pointing and going forward in battle, it was not made for retreat or for going the other way.  He told me that we (Lynda & I) never gave up on Amber, him, or Hannah and our pursuit to have a family and do the best for them and why would I stop now.  Cameron said, "She (Lauren) is my sister and we need to continue on moving forward no matter what and bring her home."

Wow - I thank God that I have a son who not only has wisdom but was willing to share it with his father.

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