Monday, June 20, 2016

Baba and Grandpa's Visit

We just enjoyed a nice, albeit too short visit with my parents. They arrived Thursday afternoon and left very early this morning. Despite the brevity it was great seeing them.  Unfortunately for them Florida's temperatures and humidity soared making it a rough stay for outdoor activities, but that's the risk with Summer visits here.  Have to get them back during our cooler seasons!!!

In March my mother's brother Bill bought a house just around the corner from us and became a neighbor.  We were thrilled when he and his dog Tarzan moved in.  With my parents planning a car trip and bringing my niece Clara with them, they opted to stay with Bill in his new home. So we all got to enjoy their company and his hospitality during their stay.

Uncle Bill and Tarzan on the day they got the keys to their new home

With the heat we made a trip to New Smyrna Beach to enjoy some time outside with the cooler ocean breeze making it more bearable.  We spent time under the cabana by the beach walk and watched as Kevin helped Hannah fly her kite, and Uncle Bill helped Lauren search for seashells.

Hannah was able to get some decent air time with her kite and catching the ocean breezes

Uncle Bill and Lauren searching for seashells

A piece of sea grass blew into my view just as I took the picture of Uncle Bill with the girls

We enjoyed lunch at the Barracuda Restaurant before heading home.

Had an enjoyable meal here

Looking from the restaurant past the parking lot towards the beach.  On the left is the covered area I could sit with my parents and watch the kids with Kevin and Uncle Bill

The kids enjoyed his pool while we lounged on the patio.

Then all too quickly it was off to our last night out together for a meal and to celebrate Father's Day.

Kevin, mom, dad and Uncle Bill

My niece Clara, Cameron, Kevin, mom and dad - all waiting for our meals 

Hannah and Lauren
Time to say good bye - Hannah rushes in for first hugs

Hannah and Lauren with Baba and Grandpa

All the kids

And finally me with mom and dad

So long for now mom and dad, looking forward to your next visit.  We love you.

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