Monday, May 16, 2016

Dreamscope Fun

Frog picture enhanced with Dreamscope App.

Found a new online tool I've been having fun with.  It takes your uploaded photos and makes the changes using a wide variety of filters.  It's taken my garden, family and wildlife photos and given them a whole new appearance.  Here are a few samples:

Anole on bromeliad my picture before

Anole after dreamscope filter

Bard Owl Before

Bard Owl after Dreamscope

Bea before

Bea after

Cameron and Amber before

Cameron and Amber after

Canna Picasso before

Canna Picasso after

Bear before

Bear after

I find it a fun distraction while watching evening news or as something to do at the end of a busy day when you just want to have a simple distraction as you unwind. You can give it a try at Dreamscope  and give a whole new life to your photos.

Chickens before

Chickens after

Forbidden City, Beijing before

Forbidden City, Beijing after

Dahlia before

Dahlia after

Lauren, Hannah and Tarzan before

Lauren, Hannah and Tarzan after

Blue Heron before

Blue Heron after

Hibiscus before

Hibiscus after

Great White Egret before

Great White Egret after

Landscape before

Landscape after

Tractor before

Tractor after

Waterlilies befpre 

Waterlilies after

China Wall Mural before

China Wall Mural After

Tiger Eye Lilly before

Tiger Eye Lilly after

Cameron and Hannah Shanghai before

Cameron and Hannah Shanghai after

Have fun. SOOOOO many other filters to choose from for your unique photo creations!!

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