Saturday, March 26, 2016

Full Sail Graduation

Yesterday our family gathered to witness and celebrate our son Cameron's graduation along with his classmates at Full Sail University.

Kevin, Hannah and Lauren waiting for the ceremony to start and entry into the main auditorium

Preparations- getting cap and gowns on, greeting friends...

It's hard to believe that he was done, especially sitting in this auditorium where we first were at the completion of our campus tour on June 22, 2014 listening to the history of Full Sail from the schools president Gary Jones. That was the spot where Cameron determined that he really wanted to make the commitment to the intense schedule and effort required to complete a full 4 year bachelors degree in the 22 months this program entailed.

Stage, lights and music ready for program to start
All the grads filing into the auditorium and of course there's Cameron!

Now he had done it and all that was left was to get his diploma and he was done.  With their full video and production departments involved they put on a show the likes of professional concerts as you sit and wait for the time the students are to come in and diplomas handed out.  After initial speeches by University heads, including Gary Jones the various department staffs are ushered in and diplomas for those graduates handed out.  It's all done in a timely and efficient manner considering the large number of graduates from the many different schools of learning available here.

Finally the time came for Cameron's group in the Game Art Department, to receive their diplomas and we were thrilled, delighted, proud and a tad emotional to hear his name called and the surprise that he was the recipient of 2 course directors awards for Art Creation for Games and Texture Painting and Sculpture.

Cameron and Game Art students waiting to go onstage for their diplomas

Diploma and picture time with the department head

School president Gary Jones congratulating Cameron

Some of this programs staff

Now that his time here as a student is done, the next phase of his life's direction starts as he'll begin an internship at the University with the same teacher he's done a work study program with.  During this internship he'll pursue freelance work and making contacts for moving forward in his career as an animator.

Dad reaches Cameron first in all the chaos afterwards

It's amazing how quickly time seems to be flying by with two of our kids grown now and Hannah and Lauren growing up so fast, it won't be long before we'll be sitting in other audiences watching their college graduations!!

All the best to you, from our family to yours.  And a very happy Easter to all who celebrate the Lords Resurrection.

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