Wednesday, February 17, 2016


This has been a whirlwind month and we're just part way through.  We've had a couple of frost events like those shown in my last post where we had to cover and tent our tender plants and young trees to protect them.  Despite some damage they all survived for which we're quite pleased.

Homeschooling always keeps us busy with the girls really enjoying the science and geology lessons on the volcano's we're currently covering.

Preparations for the arrival of my oldest daughter Amber and her husband Eddie began as we anticipated they're visit from their home in Oregon.  As we were busy with all this we had a sudden scare when our Basset Hound Bea, who has had glaucoma problems in her left eye, got up from an afternoon nap and clearly couldn't see.  When we looked at her good eye it was cloudy and an emergency vet trip to the eye specialist let us know her good right eye was now gone.  After a round of meds we couldn't get the pressure down and on Monday the 15th we had to have a procedure to chemically kill the fluid production done to stop the pressure buildup and try to reduce the excruciating pain she was in.  We had done the laser surgery the last time on her left eye with mixed results.  So now she, as well as we, are dealing with the new reality of her blindness.  It's hard to watch her struggling to find her way around a home that was so familiar to her.

Sad Bea, she was feeling so miserable here.

Countering this sad event was the arrival of Amber and Eddie Monday night, just in time to celebrate Kevin's birthday with us. It was probably the best gift this family loving man could have, to have all his kids here together!!!

Amber arriving with her bow on as Kevin's birthday present 

Yesterday while Kevin was at work and Cameron at school, I took the rest of us to Winter Park to enjoy the gorgeous weather as we walked the quaint streets, pretty park areas and shops.  We toured the Morse Museum looking at the incredible Tiffany glass and other pieces in this collection.  Then enjoyed lunch at a little Italian restaurant on a side street called Rome Flavours, where the owners were so hospitable.

Winter Park street views

Peterbrooke Chocolatier
Restaurant and owners
Hannah, Amber, Eddie and Lauren at our table for lunch.  Love these guys!!!

Today it's brunch for Amber and I, as Eddie has volunteered to watch Hannah and Lauren, then we'll all enjoy the St. Johns Ecotour in the afternoon.

Busy, but really enjoyable getting this time together and seeing places and things here in Central Florida.   I'll post more of our adventures later.

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