Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November Update

Wow this month is marching on and I've been busy preparing for this weeks Thanksgiving meal by shopping for all the goodies necessary to serve a proper dinner.  Think I'm ready, just need to do the cooking.

This month has gone from the 80 and 90's in outside temperatures, to a sudden drop down into the low 60's.  For we cold blooded Floridians that's quite chilly and it was reflected today with my girls donning long sleeve shirts, jackets and gloves to do their homeschool lessons.

We've enjoyed some beautiful sunrises lately, and some so foggy you could barely see the lake out back.

On one particularly rainy afternoon, between rain and brief sunny periods a hawk landed on the screen room out back and sat with it's wings spread to dry out a bit before flying off.

After the rain stopped we had a pretty rainbow that unfortunately I didn't quite capture it's full beauty, but it spanned the full horizon out back.

We continue to get some more produce from the garden.  Here are two more ripe pineapples and a nice size papaya and a few of the many kumquats we've had.  I've also harvested a lot more salad makings and sweet potatoes along with a couple more butternut squash.  My broccoli are really growing nicely along with onions that I planted at the beginning of this month.  With the temperatures so nice, I'll be adding more seedlings to the garden.

My Mexican Sunflower is blooming and a particularly large bee visits it regularly.

The fig trees are beginning to form figs, and my pear tree has about 4 on it.  Not bad since I just planted this pear only a few months ago.  The cranberry hibiscus is in full bloom and looks beautiful.

Cameron and I celebrated birthdays this month.  He's here trying on one of his new jackets that apparently arrived just in time to wear.

We're loving the cooler temperatures and I'm taking full advantage to be able to spend more time cleaning up and clearing out weeds from my garden beds.  It's a nice time of the year here in Central Florida.

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