Friday, July 31, 2015

Conquering Mulch Mountain

Mulch pile right after delivery
This is the yard before we started planting

In May I had a load of mulch delivered for free from a tree service for use under our trees and in the yard.  We have been slowly, but surely using this pile and have almost made it all the way through the pile.  Once I have used this I'll call around and see about getting another load as it's worked so well in helping our new plants and trees to really get established even with the heat we've had lately.

The girls helping as we first started to work on the pile

Me loading one of MANY wheelbarrow loads of mulch - got my workout daily here

Here are some photos of our first plantings on May 17th, then the progress on June 22, and finally how things have grown and been added to as of today.  In my next post I'll show some of the produce we've already harvested to date.
May 17th my first two banana circles are planted

June 8th and more planting beds are in and the squash has begun to grow from the compost piles in the center of the banana circles along with the sweet potatoes and bananas

June 22cd our mulch pile is dwindling.  The bamboo along with spider lily, cape plumbago and iris are in a new planting bed in the front.

The front of the house and what's left of the pile today

Going, going- almost gone.  The bamboo has really grown and I've added to this planting bed

The banana circles and other beds today

Yard from the back side looking towards the house.  The tall plants on the right are my giant golden amaranth. They are just beginning to flower and I'm looking forward to collecting the seed to use in a larger planting bed later.
That's it for now, as I said I'll show pictures in my next post of our produce and the progress of our garden.  I'm hoping as my fruit trees and berries grow I'll be able to look forward to year round enjoyment from something always in season.

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