Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

 Our annual Father's Day tradition (Kevin's menu) for the day includes having a late lunch after church with cheeseburgers, salt & vinegar chips, and Corona & lime.  Amber and Eddie were able to come over and join us so all the children were here at the house for Father's Day.

Yesterday, we went over to our friends the Martinez's house to say farewell as in just a few weeks they pack up their family and move to Wisconsin to be closer to family and also due to work relocation.  The girls had the opportunity to play on the swing set they have and enjoy some time running around while we visited with the Martinez's and some other friends that we have not seen in years.

In just a few short weeks Bea has
adjusted to being in her new home.
Here she is sleeping next to Mia.

Kevin has been threatening to go rabbit
and squirrel hunting since it seems we are
being overrun by them and they are attacking
our fruit and vegetable plants.  Cameron talked
Lynda into letting him get a new CO2 power
BB gun to go "hunting".


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